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With advanced algorithms and intuitive features, KaCha can remove unwanted background from photos with fast speed and high accuracy. Go to edit your pictures like a pro!

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Frequent Asked Questions

How to remove background from picture?

Simply upload the image and let the app do the work for you! KaCha uses AI to automatically delete the background from your photo, allowing you to easily customize and edit your images for free.

Is the background remover tool free?

Yes, KaCha's background removal tool provides registered users with 10 free trials every day. You can upload images and remove their backgrounds up to 10 times for free without any limitations.

How can I change the background color?

Upload the photo of your choice and then click on the different color options. You can choose between colors that we pre-select for you or choose your own unique color.

Who can benefit from using the background remover tool?

Whether you are a social media manager, marketer, or entrepreneur, the Background Remover tool can transform the way you create visuals for your business or personal projects. This tool offers a range of benefits, such as helping users to create stunning visuals, save time, and streamline their creative process.

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